Naomi Lazarus' Costume Archives Page ~The Three Sisters

I did the costumes for The Three Sisters, by Anton Chekov, for Presentation House's 3rd Street series. The play was directed by Brenda Leadlay, Artistic Director of Presentation House. She was inspired by a recent visit to rural Pakistan, where she discovered that life for women now is very similar to what it was in 19th century Russia. So, we set the play in a Russian-influenced Middle Eastern country. Brenda's partner, who is Pakistani, had many glowing things to say about the costumes' accuracy, which was a huge relief to me, as I've never been to Pakistan!

I got to do a lot of my shopping in Little India, which was a lot of fun, as there is so much gorgeous fabric to choose from. The military uniforms were simply work shirts and pants, purchased at Army & Navy, with insignia attached. Altogether, it turned out really well, and Simon Webb's elegant, minimalist set echoed the soft, muted tones beautifully.


Irina and Tuzenbach

Andrei and Chebutykin

The family dining with the officers. Olya is on the left, and Natasha is wearing pink with a green belt.

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