Naomi Lazarus' SCA Pavilions Page!

Welcome to my SCA Pavilions Page! The SCA has provided me with a wonderful venue to explore history in a real hands-on way, including my new interest in period pavilion construction!

One of the challenges in the SCA is balancing our desire for authenticity with our need for practicality. My idea was to construct a pavilion that looked historically accurate, but was inexpensive, packed up small, set up and took down easily, and was large enough for a family to live in comfortably for up to several weeks!

This is my 5th pavilion, and the first one available for sale!

This is a replica of a 15th Century French Bell or Double Bell pavilion. It stands 15' at the ridgepole, is approx 35' long and about 17' wide. It was made from 10 oz canvas, reinforced with double leather patches, and all the seams are triple-reinforced with nylon thread. The pegs are 12" railroad nails, with washers to protect the leather loops. The frame is constructed of 3/4" steel pipe, painted black.

It has a double awning system, which allows you to open up a breezeway through the center of the tent.

The awnings come down and are equipped with wooden toggles, which create a secure door seal, with a 4 inch overlap to prevent rain leakage.

The pavilion requires no guy lines to stand up firmly. It is pegged directly into the ground, with double reinforced leather patches on every stress point. High wind lines are included, and gold painted wooden finials for the top of the frame.

The frame is constructed from 3/4 inch steel pipe, which screws together easily, packs up small and sets up strong. The longest pole is 6' long.

The corner stress points at the tops of the frame are double reinforced with leather patches. The interior is spacious, and perfect for tall people!

Toggles are already in place to hang simple interior walls on one side. They can be done on both sides, to create the possibility of a two bedroom + dining area. (painted walls not included)

The pavilion packs up small enough to fit in a compact. The canvas folds up to about the size of a large bed roll, and can be taken down and set up by two or three people.

The longest poles are only 6' long, and at 3/4", they're small and easy to pack.

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