Naomi Lazarus' Costume Archives Page ~The Winter's Tale

Donna Soares as the Officer and Corina Akeson as Leontes. Photo by Gaelen Beatty

This was my first show with Classic Chic Productions, an all-female theatre company dedicated to performing the classics. We did "The Winter's Tale" by William Shakespeare, directed by Lisa Wolpe, founder of the Los Angeles Women's Shakespeare Company. This was a challenging play, in many ways; there were roughly fifty costumes, and most of them were male characters, played by women, which created some costuming challenges. But, I was very happy with the result, and the entire production was one of the better ones I've ever had the privilege to work on.

Corina Akeson As Leontes and Monice Peter as Polixenes. Photo by Betty Oei

Corina Akeson as Leontes. Photo by Betty Oei

Christina Wells-Campbell as Paulina and Annie Arbuckle as Lady. Photo by Betty Oei

Alexis Kellum-Creer as Hermione. Photo by Betty Oei

Jalen Saip as Dion and Julia Siedlanowska as Cleomenes. Photo by Betty Oei

Colleen Winton as the Old Shepherd. Photos by Betty Oei

Francis Kitson as the Clown. Photo by Betty Oei

Annie Arbuckle, Francis Kitson and Mary Littlejohn. Photo by Betty Oei

Julia Siedlanowska, Monice Peter and Sharon Bayly. Photo by Betty Oei

Sharon Bayly as the Alchemist/Time

Janet Glassford as Autolycus. Photo by Betty Oei

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