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In the fall of 2005, I worked with Earn the Nose Co-op on a production of The Ladies of the Camellias by Laura Hitchcock about a legendary meeting between famous actresses Eleanora Duse and Sarah Bernhardt, both famous for playing the lead in Alexandre Dumas, fils' play, The Lady of the Camellias

The legendary Sarah Bernhardt was played by the fabulous Tallulah Winkelman, who provided her own touch with the trailing scarves and dolled up red wig.

Justine Warrington was equally compelling as the Italian star Eleanora Duse.

The two ladies were famous in their time for always wearing white and black, which made a nice contrast, along with their strongly divergent personalities. Tallulah played Bernhardt with great dramatic flair, larger than life, while Justine played her character very dour and intense.

Sam Dulmage was wonderful as the frustrated playwright, Alexandre Dumas, fils, trying to juggle his two divas in the confined space of a single theatre.

Ari Solomon and Daniel Boileau were brilliant as the put-upon leading men to their powerhouse stars. As they have just come from their dressing rooms, I tried to give them both a very casual, lounging air, but each with his own, unique style.

Victoria Bidwell was charming as the ambitious young actress, vying for her chance at the limelight.

Stanley Katz played the desperate anarchist and frustrated director, Ivan.

John Burnside played the creaky old caretaker and prompter of the theatre with wonderful timing.

Jacques Lalonde brought his comic genius to yet another historical character, although not as historical as he appears. Coquelin has rushed over, still in costume, from his production of Cyrano de Bergerac at a nearby theatre to rescue to the two divas.

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