Naomi Lazarus' Costume Archives Page ~Pyewacket

This was a lot of fun. Reuniting with director Justin Clow and Spectral Theatre was so much fun. I did the design for Justin's part of Spectral's show Dead Ends IV, part of their Dead Ends series. It was about an orphan and her creepy doll, Pyewacket, who only comes to life when none of the grownups are around. I wish I had a picture of the doll I made to match Ashley Rose's ragged costume. I'll keep looking around for one.

Bonny Giroux was the innocent, and yet somehow incredibly creepy orphan, Claudia. Cheryl Uphill was the oblivious social worker, Miss Hummel, and Ashley Rose was the magical doll, Pyewacket.

Cheryl with Nevada Yates, who played the evil and vindictive Widow Gorie in wonderful creepy style.

Cheryl, Ashley and Nevada showing off their makeup, designed by the talented Laura Quiring, who also designed the makeup for The Rocky Horror Show.

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