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Left to right: Glenn Surzyshyn, Rebecca Walters, Lee Taylor, Julia Henderson, and the lovely Lara Rose Tansey as Nina.

In January, 2006, I was delighted to reunite with the Mice and Mentors Co-op to do a production of Chekhov's well-known play, The Seagull. It's always nice to work with friends, and this crew is a lot of fun. They even made Chekhov fun!

Unfortunately, I haven't got many pictures from this production, and in the ones I do have everyone looks very dour and Russian....

The lovely Julia Henderson played the manipulative Arkadina. Costuming Julia was an interesting challenge, since she was 5 months pregnant and Arkadina certainly was not.

Julia Henderson and Lee Taylor as Arkadina and Soren.

Julia and Kennedy Goodkey as Trigorin, the young playwright she's cultivating, in all senses of the word.

Jamie Ogden was charming and tragic as Arkadina's son, Treplev.

Glenn Surzyshyn and Rebecca Walters played Medvedyenko and the object of his desire, the bleak, gothy Mascha.

Eden Philps was lovely as Paulina, Mascha's mother. We had to make some allowances with the casting; some of our mothers were played by actresses actually younger than those playing their children, but both Rebecca and Eden pulled their characters' ages off beautifully.

Left to right is Sean Tyson, John Prowse, Eden Philp, Kennedy Goodkey and Julia Henderson, with Rebecca Walters, center.

Left to right, back row:Glenn Surzyshyn, Sean Tyson, Julia Henderson, Kennedy Goodkey, John Prowse. Front row: Rebecca Walters, Lee Taylor, Eden Philps, Lara Rose Tansey, Jaime Ogden.

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