Naomi Lazarus' Costume Archives Page ~Zastrozzi

In the spring of 2007, I was contacted by Enlightenment Theatre, to work on their production of "Zastrozzi, Master of Discipline", by George F. Walker. The play was performed at the Waterfront Theater that summer. It's a fun play to produce, full of the battle between good and evil, and I got to express a lot of that in the Edwardian costumes.

Marco Soriano played the diabolical Zastrozzi, with his two cohorts Bernardo, played by Colby Wilson and Matilda, Brianna Rayner.

The not-so innocent, Julia, was played by the lovely Kendahl Diabold, who was sweet and funny, and made the tassels on her bustle bounce charmingly. Here she speaks with the crazy saintly Verezzi, played by John Lachlan Stewart.

David Benedict Brown played the frustrated and practical Victor, who is in a battle to save Verezzi from himself.

I was rather proud of Zastrozzi's long black frock coat, which, with the red sash, gave him a rather piratical air.

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