Naomi Lazarus' Costume Portfolio Page

Welcome to my portfolio page. These are a sample of some of my best work. If you're interested in seeing more, please visit my archives page.

Donna Soares as the Officer and Corina Akeson as Leontes in The Winter's Tale, Classic Chic Productions, 2014

Cast of The Farnsworth Invention, Ensemble Theatre Company

Erin Garcia and Amy Lester as Xerxes and Themistocles in Little, Little, Little Theatre, William Maranda Productions, 2011

Mirielle Urumuri in Tales From the Toadstool, Spectral Theatre Society, 2010

Eva Allan and Gabriel Carter in The Lady of Shalott, Fish In The Eye Films, in pre-production

The Crucible Collingwood School, 2009

Amadeus with Collingwood School, 2008

Erin Puckey and Crystal Sevigny as Marie-Julie and Roselle in The Velvet Edge, Spectral Theatre Society, 2008

The Three sisters, Presentation House's 3rd St. Series, 2008

The Diary of Anne Frank, Collingwood School

Matt MacCaull and Tara Pratt as Hamlet and Ophelia in Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, Centre for Creative Iniatives, 2007

Cast picture from An Ideal Husband, Presentation House 3rd St. Series, 2007

Ashley Rose as Magenta, Bonnie Giroux as Columbia, Damon Jang as Frankenfurter and Stephan Bohemier as Riff Raff in The Rocky Horror Show, Wicked Awesome Theatre, 2006

Nancy Ebert as Mrs. Squeezum in Lock Up Your Daughters, North Vancouver Community Players, 2006

Jacques Lalonde as Cyrano de Bergerac, The Ladies of the Camellias, Earn the Nose Co-op, 2005

Jennifer Kaleta as Natalya in A Month in the Country, United Players, 2005

Melanie Yeats as Osric in Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, Spectral Theatre, 2005

Kennedy Goodkey as Captain Lancey in Translations, Mice and Mentors Co-op, 2005

Diana as Margaret in The Lady's Not For Burning, United Players.

David Campbell as Valderma in Cinderella, a Panto, Metro Theatre, 2003

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